Food handler "License"


The R.D. 109/2010 establishes that those companies from the food sector must train, by law, the food handlers in matters related to food hygiene. This legislative decree puts the responsibility on the food company to train the employees, who will have to prove on the official control visits, that the food handlers have been properly trained.

These Food Handler courses have to be done for people whose tasks have direct contact with the food during preparation, production, transformation, manufacture, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, sale, supplying and service of food products to consumers.

The Food Handler courses available are the following:

  • Food Handler Course.
  • High Risk Food Handler Course.


Which is commonly known as “Food handler license” corresponds to a certificate which allows you to work in any autonomous community since it does not have any territorial limitation (R.D. 109/2010).

The certifying documents will be considered valid as long as it is forecast in the company training courses, or as a consequence of administration verification on an official sanitary control, it is demonstrated that the handler is not capable enough.

Modes and characteristics


We base the training we give to handlers basically in the on-line mode for the advantages it offers to our clients.

For the development of the courses on-line we start from the pedagogic principle “the training step by step” which helps to assimilate easily the new knowledge. From any computer with Internet connection the course can be accessed and consecutively go through each content screen or, surf freely to review concepts already studied, always assisted by a specialist tutor in the Health Science.


We also organize in-face courses for groups of workers.


The courses have a maximum duration estimated in 6 hours, depending on the assimilation capability of each student.

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