What is ACTIC?

Logo ACTIC The initials ACTIC respond to “Accreditation in Information and Communication Technologies Competences”.

ACTIC is the certificate of the digital competence, understood as the combination of knowledge, abilities and attitudes in the ICT field which people apply in real situations to achieve specific objectives with efficacy and efficiency.

ACTIC will allow people over 16 to demonstrate their ICT competences through a computer test. Both, the test and the obtaining of the certificate will be online.

Those who pass the test will get a certificate issued by La Generalitat which gives credit of a certain level of competences (basic, medium or advanced) in ICT to any business or administration.

Characteristics of ACTIC

Through ACTIC, the person with a certificate can prove to any public or private administration his or her competence in ICT.

Its content incorporates a global perspective of the knowledge society, good practices, public spirit and digital culture.

People with a disability equal or over a 33% have to state this circumstance in the application and have to prove it with official documents to the Administration Office.

Examination process

It is convenient to use the Google Chrome browser. You can access the private area of ACTIC website by clicking here.

In case you find any security problems, you will have to give permission through the link "I understand the Risks", then click on "Add Exception..." and finally "Confirm Security Exception". Once you had logged in, introduce the document type and number, password and access into the private area.

As well, to avoid possible problems during the ACTIC test our advise is to delete the ‘cache’ (going to the menu Tools of the browser, Options..., Advanced, click on the Network tag and choose the option Override automatic cache management, then click on Clear Now) as well as History of the browser.

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Competences and levels

What does digital competence mean?

The digital competence is the combinations of knowledge, abilities and attitudes that you need to have to achieve with efficacy and efficiency specific objectives in the ICT and digital culture. As a whole, ACTIC fixes eight digital competences. The level of difficulty defers depending on the level you are applying to.

Are there different levels?

There exist 3 levels of accreditation:

  • Level 1: basic level certificate: 75 minutes and 40 exercises
  • Level 2: medium level certificate: 100 minutes and 70 exercises
  • Level 3: advanced level certificate: 35 minutes and 25 exercises per lesson

If I think I have enough competences, can I test myself directly on the advanced level?

No, you first need to pass the medium certificate (level 2).


How much does it cost?

The tax that you have to pay to take the exam for each level is:


  • Level 1: Basic certificate 19,95 €
  • Level 2: Medium certificate 26,50 €
  • Level 3: Advanced certificate 33,10 €

Are there any collectives exempt of paying or with a discount?

You don’t have to pay the tax if you are unemployed, retired or if you have a disability equal or superior to a 33%.

Also, you could benefit from a rebate of 30% or 50% if you qualify as one of the following: large family, single parent family, and general or special category family.

People with a disability equal or superior to a 33% can ask in the application for an adaptation, timing modification, resources and materials needed to fulfil the test.

Taxes for ACTIC

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Is it compulsory to have ACTIC?

It is not compulsory however it is very useful. Think that progressively to access to some job offers, in the public or the private administrations; it might become in a request necessary, as it is for example, a level of language or having a driving licence.

Is it for all ages?

People over 16 years old can take the test.

Is it essential to have ACTIC to get a job?

It is not indispensable, but with this certificate you increment your options when applying for a job.

Are there job offers that necessarily require the ACTIC?

Little by little, ACTIC might become a request to access specific positions, specially those which imply a usual use of the computer.

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